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Cotton Tapes from Peet Amber Industries

Peet Amber Industries is a leading Jute firm that has been in the market for the last two decades and more. With the delivery of supreme quality Jute, we have gained huge accolades from the clients and customers. Our customers have encountered the freedom of working with us. They know that the company would exactly deliver them the products that they wish for. Hence, we have been successful in reining the industry of Jute and cotton accessories for the last 22 years. Give us any amount of work; our team would meet the demand in the correct deadline by working 24X7 in shifts. Nothing is less important to us; every order is treated with equal preference and importance. So, are you in need of cotton tapes for your work? Contact Peet Aamber Industries today.

The efficiency of our work is very well seen in the deliverance of our products. We are the manufacturers and exporters of fine quality cotton tapes. Our bespoke mannerism has made us prominent in the international market of cotton tapes as well. With superior quality of cotton tapes of different varieties, here we bring to you the largest stock of cotton tapes to meet every need of our clientele. Work with us once, and you shall always choose from the second time.

Importance of the Cotton Tapes in Various Industries:

Cotton Tapes

Being one of the largest and prime manufacturers of the cotton and jute cotton blended tapes, we make every variety of tapes, to never be out of choice. The genuine quality and promised 100% pure jute and cotton material makes us a winner in this industry. Though, tapes are trivial, their uses are huge. Greatly used in various industries, these tapes do the slightest of work with utmost precision. We believe in giving newer products to the clients and hence, we are constantly on the urge to sharpen our innovation skills. This has made able of blending the material cotton and jute to give a better combination. The tensile strength becomes great, and it gives a better outlook. We have added different shades of palate and colours to satisfy the versatile delivery demands of the clients. Our flexibility is our key to success.

The cotton tapes are available in different sizes, patterns, designs and weaves. The variety gives the product high demand in the market and hence can be used for purposes which demand different thickness and width of the product. The application of the cotton tapes are in the industries of:

  • Furnishing
  • Bedding
  • Garments
  • Furniture

Hence, we are a name to reckon in these industries as well. Peet Aamber Industries can give you the best, forever.

Why Choose Our Cotton Tapes?

  1. Our cotton tapes are 100% pure in material
  2. We have been here for a couple of decades now
  3. Our efficient teammates deliver every order on time, with utmost precision.
  4. We offer the products at reasonable price wit free quotes.

Feel free to contact us or knock on our factory anytime you wish to check our work. We would be waiting.