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Cotton Twine at Peet Aambar Industries

We at Peet Aambar Industries have been framing up a difference in the industry offering cotton twine. The company has led a pathway in this genre, for the past 22 years. Kolkata is the city where we have made our establishment a prominent one. Hence, you can come to the city for a check of our work. Are you in search of bespoke cotton twines? Contact the Peet Aambar Industries then. Fine products of cotton and its accessories are our motto, and we take pride in giving off 100% pure cotton products to our customers.

Our clientele has been happily associated with us since ages because we give them the liberty and freedom of orders. We keep in mind that every client has different needs, which would mean that they would require different products from the same genre. Therefore, we keep different varieties of cotton twine with different width, pattern and design. Hence, contact us right away for any order on cotton twine.

Importance of Cotton Twines in the Recent Times:

Cotton Twine

Twine is a string that is made strong by mixing two small strands of a material together. It is commonly used in a variety of projects, hence have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. Twines are generally made of cotton, hemp fibres, sisal and of course nylon and other synthetic materials. But, naturally made twines are considered to be the better one of the lot. Possibly one must not get confused between the string and twine. Twine is generally thought of as a strong thread with two or more strands smaller in size entangled and twisted together so it is heavier in weight than the string.

When you have a chance in contributing to the wellness of the environment, and then why not do that? Synthetic twines would not be renewable but, natural would be. Natural twine is generally made of hemp, cotton, flax, silk or sisal. They are lot better than the synthetic fibres because the natural ones give away better traction and come in a pocket friendly price range. With 100% biodegradable, it is completely pollution free, and can be taken as something of high durability and abrasive properties.

Uses of cotton twines:

Natural twine is used in many forms and those are listed below:

  • Making rugs.
  • Sewing upholstery.
  • Jewellery making.
  • Weaving nets.
  • Packaging.
  • Craft uses.
  • Gardening.
  • Sewing twines.
  • Critical household applications.
  • Wrapping things.
  • Food services.
  • Meat packing.
  • Advertising.
  • Assorted industrial uses.

Cotton cable cord is also a type of twine that has been a popular use to fishing, toy making and also in construction sites. And, these all fall under the cotton twine genre.

Why Choose Us?

Peet Aambar Industries have been a name in this trade for long, and you have been told about the products that we offer as well, still do you need reasons to choose us? Then here it is:

  1. We deliver 100% pure cotton twines.
  2. Our product quality is the factor we boast on.
  3. The twine can be altered according to the designs and patterns that the client demands.
  4. With proficient people, we would work 24X7 to fulfil any orders given.
  5. Reasonable price and free quotes are also given.

Contact us right away for any requirement, of the jute and cotton accessories and products. Peet Aambar Industries would be happy to serve you.