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Cotton Webbing from Peet Aamber Industries

Peet Aamber Industries would like to welcome you to one of the finest names in the industry that deals with jute and cotton accessories. Situated in the city of joy, Kolkata, we are easily reachable by the nation, through various commodities. Jute industry has been an important part of revenue for the people of the nation, and we have been adding a significant amount to it. We are proud to mention that our works have helped us gain a name in the international standards. The factory is fully equipped with high-tech machineries and state of the art facilities, so that we can deliver the best of the products that the client demands. Our company have been on the field for the past 22 years and is still doing a fine business ever since.

With efficient people, around we have come up with the perfect cotton webbing in the market, and have been growing ever since as a company. Do you know what has marked as a growing company ever since our inception? It is the state of the art infrastructure, which has led the company. The workers are experienced in this field and have been doing great in the industry; hence our marketing guides have chosen such craftsmen. Hence, you will face no problem when you join hands with us. Contact the Peet Aambar Industries for further information.

Importance of Cotton Webbing in the recent times::

Cotton Webbing

With the modern facilities, our atmosphere is getting polluted, gradually. And, if we can alter slightest of processes, and make it eco friendly, then it will be beneficial for both the environment and as well as for the people. And to this thought, cotton webbing fits perfectly. Cotton webbing is an environment friendly process which is an alternative to synthetic webbing. The process is done with 100% pure cotton fabric which is a good source for renewing. Hence, it is helping in keeping the planet green.

Webbing is used across many sectors and hence, standard webbing applications are used in:

  • Making harnesses and seatbelts in the automobile industry.
  • Helps in making a good sporting retail apparel.
  • In the apparel industry for making belts.
  • For hiking, backpacks and harnessing gears, in the travelling industry.
  • Hospital and medical industry uses it in making the safety bands and tapes.
  • In the furnishing manufacturing; making seat bases for upholstery.
  • Used by the Police and military, in their uniforms as accessories.

Since, cotton is easy on skin; therefore, sensitive skin won't have any issues. And, other than this factor, cotton webbing is absorbs moisture and sweat and does not result in rashes. Being naturally breathable, this material doesn't irritate the skin or wont chafe. And, the cotton webbing has a lot of strength to hold on to, other than the synthetic ones. So, when are you choosing our cotton webbing products?

Why do you think Peet Aambar Industries are the Best in Cotton Webbing?

  1. Because we offer reasonable price and free quotes
  2. Because we can take up any amount of work.
  3. Because any order is met in correct deadline with our team working 24X7 in shifts.
  4. Because we have been getting international acclamation.
  5. Because we have been in the business with a fine experience of two decades.

You might not need any more reason to choose us, from our contemporaries. Contact us for the bulk orders of Cotton Webbing.