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Hessian Cloth from Peet Aamber Industries

Peet Aamber Industries is a name to reckon in the Jute Industry, without any second thought. Wondering about the reason? We are in this industry for the past two decades and more, constantly gaining experience. We believe in progress, and hence we have been hiring young talents to know more about the necessity and demands of the youth and provide the same to them. Without fail, we want to let you know that Jute industry is one of the top most industries now, bringing huge revenue to the country.

The population is becoming the admirer of the products of Jute, and this is in a way saving the nation from the impending pollution as well. And, Peet Aamber Industries, helpS in bringing the extreme fine quality of jute products with 100% originality and biodegradable aspect. We boast in giving the original jute product to our customers, because our business is primarily sourced from our sister's jute mill, hence boosts the trust factor in the clients. Like the other products of Jute, Hessian Cloth is one of our prime products. The evident usability of this product has helped us in being a chain manufacturer.

Our headquarters being in Kolkata is easily reachable by all. So, for orders in bulk or any query about the hessian cloth, contact us without thinking. We assure you, that every order will be looked at with same importance and submitted before the deadline. Our proficient team works in shifts for 24X7, and hence there will be no delay in our delivery. And, as we have mentioned earlier, since the material is provided by our sister company, you do not have to think about the amount of jute required, and how we will manage that. Just place the order and we will meet your demands without any scope of complains.

Importance of the Hessian Cloth in the recent time:

Hessian Cloth

Being the proud manufacturer, producer and exporter of hessian cloth, we would like to shed some light on the importance of the product in the recent times. This cloth is a plain weave from Jute with single warp and weft. Hence, it provides great strength to the product. The high density of the fabric makes it an obvious choice for the agriculture sectors, horticulture and apparel industries. Our team controls the quality standards of every product which goes out for delivery, which makes us an apt exporter of the foreign countries. It is making a great noise in the industry for the following features:

  • High tearing strength
  • Biodegradable nature
  • Long lasting nature
  • Can be reused
  • Lightweight
  • Least shrinking abilities
  • Eco friendly attributes.
  • Available in every colour and width

Uses of Hessian Cloth

Our hessian cloth is exclusively used for many daily uses, especially in making bags and covers that will pack the materials. These come in rolls or packs and can be used in every colour. The following are the common uses of hessian cloth, which you must know:

  • In shipping of things
  • In the construction area
  • In making bags and clothes
  • In making sacks
  • In the packers and movers industry
  • In bookkeeping
  • In emergency flood response
  • In making fine arts

Why choose Peet Aamber Industries for your Hessian cloth requirement?

  1. 100% pure jute
  2. Competitive price
  3. Efficient team
  4. High speed machine
  5. Delivering as high as 48 metric tons of jute in a month

Contact us for every requirement of jute and cotton, and we promise to keep our good name by giving the appropriate products to you in the limited time frame.