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Jute Twine at Peet Aambar Industries

Peet Amber Industries is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of quality twine fabricated using 100% organic jute. The raw materials are sourced from trusted vendors. Ours is a range produced by skilled professionals in natural as well as various other colours. The spools are compactly arranged so that they don't roll out or tangle. Absolutely biodegradable, these products do not mess with the environment and are totally hazard-free. Our jute twines are an ideal solution for tying, binding, packing, and sewing jute and other products, including hessian bags. They are durable, strong, and do not tear easily.

Manufactured to deliver soft, smooth finishes, these products are polished so that they end up as superior quality fabric. Peet Amber Industries range of jute twines has already found a place in the handicrafts and packaging sector, where they are extensively used during the production of various items, including the handles of paper bags, and sacks. We can offer them in various sizes, lengths, and weights as per customer requirements. Available at absolutely affordable rates, our range of jute twine is popular not only across the country, but even beyond.

Interesting Aspects Of Our Jute Twines

Jute Twine
  • No use of synthetic materials, only pure jute.
  • Available in various weights.
  • Twines polished to utmost smoothness, yet made to last.
  • Colours! There are so many colours available!
  • Using them you could tie, bind, pack, and even sew things.
  • Commercial or domestic purposes-their versatility is for all.
  • They are biodegradable, meaning they're doing nothing nasty to the environment.
  • Wait, they are even recyclable.
  • Great weight bearers, these products are everyone's choicest.
  • You know, you could make ropes and carpets from them as well.

Why You Need To Buy Jute Twine Spools From None Other Than Peet Amber Industries

At Peet Amber Industries, special care is taken to ensure the manufacture, supply, and export of the finest quality jute twines. For the sake, we have a dedicated team of supervisors who look into each step of a manufacturing process, lest a flaw shows up. You can call us a full-service firm because we manufacture, distribute, and export a range of jute twines packaged in various dimensions and shades.

Carrying a wealth of two decade-long experience of delivering premium grade products, we are amongst the most trustful companies catering to jute product consumers around the globe. The versatility of our products is what attracts the customers the most. Yes, they can be used for multifarious purposes pertaining to the handicraft, packaging, and logistics industry. To sum it up, choose us because:

  1. We are experienced and have a range of products.
  2. The products are known for their sturdiness, durability, and high utility.
  3. They are available in their natural colour as well as dyed shades.
  4. The jute is sourced from trusted vendors and is always of high grade.
  5. The products are inexpensive.
  6. Bulk orders are accepted and delivered on-time always.

Interested in our jute twines? Contact Peet Amber Industries to place an order now.