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Spindle Tapes at Peet Aambar Industries

The spindle tapes of Peet Amber Industries have been an exemplar for the product for two decades now. Being an industry leader, we are appreciated for our premium range of products manufactured and supplied with utmost expertise. They are in great demand amongst customers who love products manufactured from high-grade jute and cotton fibre blended with minimum synthetics. We make sure the raw materials are sourced from reliable vendors only. Fabricated in the form of flawless belts, they deliver absolutely consistent yarn count and very smooth joints without jerks. Our products are very much durable, in fact, more durable than cotton tapes.

Built to provide maximum strength and a firm grip, these products dismiss the need of stitching and come at an affordable price range. They cause minimal edge fraying and prevent fluff accumulation. Indeed, they are your ideal choice to drive spindle belts in textile and jute mills. At our firm, it is our endeavour to present to you spindle tapes that flaunt nonpareil surface strength, superior aesthetics, a myriad of colours, long life, and smooth finish. Should you be looking for this product, look no further than the range at Peet Amber Industries.

The USP Of Our Spindle Tapes:

  • Available in a range of lengths and colours.
  • Reduce vibration and noise in the spindle.
  • Uniformity in thickness and cause minimum slippage.
  • Provide strong grip and offer stability of dimension.
  • No elongation or disruption of shape and heat damage resistant.
  • Allow high-speed operation and ideal power transmission to spindle.
  • Cause zero damage to spindle and great energy savers.
  • Lower tendency to shrink during spinning and minimal bowing and curling.
  • Excellent yarn quality, heavy duty, and long service life and stickiness.

5 Reasons To Choose Spindle Tapes From Peet Amber Industries:

  1. Because We Are Experienced. Yes, we have been in the jute manufacturing and supply business for 22 years now. We are celebrating our glorious journey, bringing an exquisite range of quality products especially for the consumers of this genre.
  2. Because We Undertake Stringent Quality Control Measures. Each manufacturing process is supervised by a team of expert professionals who have a thorough understanding of the product type. Together, they help us supply the best quality without cutting corners.
  3. Because The Products Are Inexpensive. Placing an order for spindle tapes at Peet Amber Industries will never burn a hole in your pocket. The prices are very much reasonable and fixed keeping the consumer needs in mind. Need a quote? We offer it free of cost!
  4. Because There�s Nothing Environmentally Hazardous In Our Products. When you choose a product from us, you are actually contributing to the well-being of the environment. This is because the products are absolutely biodegradable. At our firm, eco-concerns do not go without pondering.
  5. Because We Are Concerned About Total Customer Satisfaction. This is also the reason why we offer an extensive range of products. This apart, we are also particular about the on-time delivery of products and available for after-sale customer care.

Do you want spindle tapes that enhance the functionality of spindles in your textile mill? Contact Peet Amber Industries today.